Data analysis



What we do

We offer help with all your modelling needs, including:

  • Custom physical models
    • For example: heat transfer (e.g.: prediction of temperature of a furnace, forecast heat losses in a building), energy calculations (e.g.: average output from solar cells).
  • Custom mathematical models
    • For example: modelling traffic flows and traffic congestion points, modelling call centre queues and waiting times, forecasting resource needs.
  • Custom economic models
    • For example: modelling effects of interest/exchange rate, growth of assets.

We can assist with part or all of the modelling process, including:

  • Developing new models
    This includes applying the most suited analytical and/or mathematical tools to develop a model that will address your business needs. This may include writing software/codes to calculate the outcomes.
  • Defining and measuring relevant input parameters
    We work with your teams and stakeholders to understand and identify the influencing parameters of your model.
  • Peer review your existing forecasts and/or models
    We review your models to ensure a high level of independent Quality Assurance.
  • Analyse and report the findings
    We analyse the model outputs and translate them into meaningful statements for your organisation and your stakeholders.

What to expect

We assist you with your modelling and forecasting needs when your organisation reaches data size, time, skill or tool limitations.

The delivered models will be developed using standard analytical tools, such as rate equations, differential equations, finite-element modelling, Monte-Carlo modelling, etc.
Software codes will be written using tools identified with you. We encourage the use of open-source platforms such as Python, C/C++, or R, but Microsoft Excel (or LibreOffice Calc) can also be used for simple numerical models if desired.
We will deliver the codes/files implementing the new models in a clear form with extensive documentation. These can then be further used and developed by your organisation.

A full report, including the description of the model, any analysis carried out, and interpretation of the findings, can also be provided.

Get started!

Send us an email with a brief description of the questions you would like to answer with modelling. We can use email and/or skype to define your needs and after this initial discussion, we will send you a proposal for work including pricing and deliverables.

About  us

Our team of modellers includes experienced scientists with PhDs in physics and extensive experience in theoretical and numerical models. We are based in Wellington, New Zealand, but are a primarily internet-based company, so can work with any customers in the world!